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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Teaching a Dog to Come When Called
By Anthony Lee

Every dog deserves a name. It will be silly not to give it one because someone else in the neighborhood might lay claim to that pet.

But there should be more done than just giving it a name. The owner should teach the dog to come when called so that the relationship between both will be stronger.

Here are a few tips that will make the dog come when called;

1. Dogs are easily distracted by sounds or the presence of other people. The person should start the lesson by bringing the pet into the room so there will no distractions. The animal must be placed a few away and once will come forward when called.

Many think this is easy but it is not. Perhaps the dog wanted to play that is why it went forward. To make sure the lesson has been learned, another thing that can be taught is making the animal stay put until it is called.

These are entirely two different lessons but both work with each other. The only way to strengthen this trick will be to offer reward in the form of biscuits.

2. The distance can now be extended from a few feet to perhaps the next room. The canine will probably follow the owner so the pet has to be reminded again to stay put until the name has been called.

3. Once this has been perfected, it is time to try this in a larger area such as the backyard.

This should be repeated daily until the dog has learned only to come when called. Some pets will just run when the owner comes home but order must be enforced so no one will trip or fall when it is inside the home.

The individual can also use hand gestures to make the canine come forward. Other trainers have been known to use both which have also worked in teaching this lesson.

4. It is only when these steps don't work that some drastic measures should be taken. This includes putting a leash around the animal and pulling on it when it is instructed to come. This will take some time so the person must be patient when teaching this lesson.

Teaching a dog to approach is something that anyone can do with a dog. Dog lovers should remember that it takes time especially to train a domesticated animal.

This doesn't matter if it is a simple command to a more complex one because it will take time for the pet to understand the words that are said.

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